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Day One -- Digging The
First Holes By Hand
(March 17, 2007)
Lum Eisenman, who led a
course on winemaking in July,
2004 we attended and urged
not to start by making a
5-gallon batch.  We ended up
buying a half-ton of grapes.
He leads our monthly
winemaker's meeting at
Marie Winery.
Phase Two -- Bringing In
The Heavy Equipment
(March 24, 2007)
Jose and his twin
brother, who helped us
cleared the land.
Phase Three -- Stringing
Wire, Installing Drip Line
and Installing The
Irrigation System
(April 1 - 15th).
Fidel, who coordinated
the digging, trellis
system, irrigation and
planting. We're looking
forward to working with
you on transforming this
war zone into a beautiful
park-like setting.
Planting The Vines
(April 27 - 28th, 2007)
Rodrigo (left),
Pedro and in the
photo at right
Augustine for their
patience, hardwork
and friendship.
Mucho gracias,
Vineyard Christening
May 12th, 2007
Round 2: Vineyard
Installation in Winter
2008, Our Second Time
Mary, Mick, Jeff and the staff of Belle Marie Winery in
Escondido, CA for offering education in winemaking,
encouragement and moral support. If you like our wines, then
you'll love theirs (since they are the masters who are
instructing us in the fine arts). They served their champagne,
Rhapsody, at the festive Christening May 12th.
Jim Larsh, realtor, toastmaster,
rookie winemaker and master
swordsman at decapitating
champagne bottles, spotted the wild
bobcat when navigating the future site
of Blue-Merle Vineyard.
Looking to
purchase a home in Blue-Merle
The Queen, general contractor,
overseeing the whole operation. The
one who kept things going. The one
who made 5 course lunches
everyday. The one who said 10 years
ago, "I wish I had a winery...."
Dennis & Steven Wharton, of
Wharton Construction. Dennis has
his own winery at
, and provides Barons,
Knights and wealthy land owners
with turnkey design & construction of
vineyards. He was kind enough to
consult with us, and lend a helping
auger to drill many of the post holes.