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Bluenello (TM) are Trade Marks of Blue-Merle Winery and  Alliance International Trade & Investment Group, Inc. Wines
are for sale in CA only, unless your state allows direct to consumer shipments. Founded in 2004, Blue-Merle Winery is
located in San Diego County, Escondido, CA.
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Welcome to Blue-Merle Winery located in San
Diego County, CA on a step hill 1,625 ft above
sea level with panoramic views of
surrounding mountains & the Pacific Ocean.
Founded in 2004 by Bluey the Blue-Merle
Australian Shepherd, our boutique wines are
crafted by hand, foot & paw. We grow
Tempranillio, Grenache, PetiteSirah,
Aglianico & Zinfandel grapes.  Our wines are
for sale to wine club members, online, at
Escondido's Major Market, Escondido's
Holiday Wine Cente
r, in numerous San Diego
restaurants and wine shops featuring fine

local wine, and by The Bootlegger's Express.
Can't find Blue-Merle near you? Please

contact us.  Join us on our continuing
adventures as we Grow Your Own, Make You
Own, Drink Your Own Wine.
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