April 15th was a taxing day. At the
end of it, a sigh of relief was heard on
the valley as water dripped from the
black hoses of the irrigation system.  
On the anniversary of the 3rd week of
The Big Dig there was water, and it
was good. We're almost ready to plant.
An Easter Feast of roast beast that
couldn't be beat. Breakfast
featured omelets, French toast,
grapefruit and sliced potatoes
baked in chicken broth topped
with Gruyère cheese.
Augustine clears a path for
the "trencher."
We rented an auger from Home
Depot for two days, to drill holes
where they could be drilledn.  The
others were dug by hand. (Rodrigo
poses with the tool as Pedro looks on.)
Laying and connecting
pipe for the irrigation
Click here
for Round
One, where
we dug the
post holes
by hand.
Fidel lends a helping hand (above)
and oversees the work (below).